Twelve Guard Aid protective shields sell for $56.00. California residents add 4.83 tax.

Specify Astra, Monoject, or B.D. 20 ga. IV.

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About Guard Aid™

Needle stick Injury
Health care workers suffer between 600,000 and one million injuries from conventional needles and sharps annually. These exposures can lead to hepatitis B, hepatitis C and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS.

At least 1,000 Health care workers are estimated to contract serious infections annually from needle stick and sharps injuries.

Needle stick injuries are preventable. Over 80% of needle stick injuries could be prevented with the use of safer needle devices.

Less than 15% of U.S. hospitals use safer needle devices and systems.

Introducing Guard Aid™
Guard Aid™ is designed to provide some measure of protection from accidental needle sticks. OSHA regulations require employer dentists to inform their employees of the disease transmission hazards associated with the practice of dentistry and to provide education on ways to prevent disease transmission within the dental environment. Robert Slaughter, DDS, Carmel, CA, recounts how he invented the Guard Aid:

"One morning when things were slow I sat down and tried to think of ways to AIDS-proof my practice.It didn¹t take long to conclude that the real danger was not to the patient, but to myself and to my staff, continues Slaughter. I remembered getting stuck with a needle a few months prior, and decided that this was the most likely method of accidental inoculation. To make a long story short, I came up with a protective device which I call Guard Aid".

Dr. Slaughter adds that his staff have discontinued the practice of leaving syringes lying around with uncapped needles. Recapping a needle is simply a matter of pulling one of the sheaths out of a drawer. Removing the needle from the syringe is also safer with the Guard Aid.

Benefits of Guard Aid™:

Can Be used Over and Over
Easy To Engage and Remove
Can Be Put Into Steam Autoclave and or Chemoclave For Cleaning
Encourage Safe Return of Needle To Protective Sheath
Your complete satisfaction with the Guard Aid product is very important to us.
If you are not completely satisfied with Guard Aid, we will process a full refund, less shipping and handling.